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The founders of InnovaReviews, Paul & Silvina, own 2 tourist apartments in Barcelona, Spain. The apartments were listed on a hotel reservation website receiving around 1 million visitors per month.
Tourist occupancy of their apartments was between 65% in low season and 95% in high season. The apartments had accrued over 50 good, honest guest reviews each, with a rating of 4 out of 5.

Paul & Silvina decided to remove the apartments from that website and list on another which had even more traffic, thinking this would increase reservations further. The listings used the same photos, same descriptions, same list of amenities, same prices, everything the same as displayed on the previous rental apartment website, except for one thing, the reviews are not transferrable so the tourist apartment had no guest reviews!

The flow of reservations slowed immediately, occupancy dropped to just 10%, the apartments were receiving a tiny portion of reservations compared to the constant flow previously and were now losing money, badly.

92% of consumers trust reviews when deciding where to buy

The dramatic drop in reservations was clearly due to not having guest reviews! How could potential guests trust they were choosing the right holiday apartment for their vacation?

Months of scrapping for reservations ensued, lowering prices drastically to draw guests in. The apartments slowly gained enough reservations and the subsequent reviews were now visible to help new guests decide to stay or not, and to feel reassured in making reservations in the apartments.

Hotels with more than 5 guest reviews generate 50% more reservations

Now with more than 30 reviews on each apartment listing the occupancy level is back up to a profitable level. A clear example of the importance of guest reviews on an accommodation website to drive reservations.

The founders believe customer reviews, ratings and testimonials are essential for your website, whatever your business, be it a hair salon, a car dealer, an electrician or a bed & breakfast, customer reviews are an awesome way of telling new customers how great you are by letting your previous customers tell them so!

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